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When you have an old car or scrap cars just lying around, it can be a hazard. It takes up valuable space on your Frankston property, releases toxins into the air and ground around it and can be a safety risk.

So why do you still have that car, when you could trade it in for cash? Much more useful, don’t you think?

Whatever the make, model, year or condition your car is in, our team will find a use for it. Even if it is no longer in working condition or road safe, we are able to take all the cars, trucks and any other automobile you might have. Any vehicle is valuable to us, which is why we pay you for your car removal service.

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We’re the car buyers in Frankston that give instant cash for any unwanted car or vehicle you have. No need to place an ad or haggle with reluctant buyers — we’ll give you a fast quote and won’t back out.

We provide cash on the spot for all of our customers so that you never have to worry about waiting for your payment. We know that sometimes when you need cash, you need it now. That’s why we ensure that you get the cash you are owed before we even load up your vehicle and drive away with a smile.

Depending on your needs (and any restrictions) we are also able to provide payment via transfer and other means. Speak to one of our people today to find out more.

Any cars in Frankston are worth something to us — we’ll make sure that you get paid what your cars are really worth.

We pay cash for any make/model of vehicle in any condition. Call us at 0416 100 119 to get your free quote!

What do we do with the cars?

You might wonder why we want your old cars. Simple: we need the metal and all the other scrap parts.

Good news for you — we don’t care what condition your vehicle is in, or if it even runs. If you’ve had trouble selling, going with a cash for cars company (preferably car wreckers like Go Go Car Removal) is the perfect solution.

Getting rid of your car? Frankston residents trust us for their cash for cars needs.

Our process

All it takes to get rid of your scrap car is three simple steps.

  1. Call 0416 100 119, send us an email or fill out our contact form to get a free quote
  2. We show up to your Frankston property and give you your cash.
  3. We load up your vehicle on our equipment and drive away. Out of sight and out of mind!

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Cash for cars Frankston

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We have the heavy duty equipment and training to take care of all sorts of old cars, scrap cars and more. Whatever car you have cluttering up your life, we’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands and give you the cash that it is worth.

Our team specialises in:

  • Cash for cars Frankston
  • Cash for trucks Frankston
  • Cash for no title cars Frankston
  • Cash for buses Frankston
  • Car removal Frankston

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The Frankston car removal company you can trust

As car wreckers Frankston residents know and trust, Go Go Car Removal is the best place to go when you need to get rid of a vehicle in the area. We have some of the best offers of cash for car companies and ensure that you have a quality experience with us.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best service in Melbourne, let alone the suburb of Frankston, and will do our best to provide prompt car removal.

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When it comes to cash for cars, Frankston car owners will get the best deal with Go Go Car Removal. We can come to your property anywhere in the suburb and have a variety of tow trucks to cater for the removal of vehicles of all sizes.

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Car Removal Services Frankston

Secret Benefits of Hiring the Professional car removals

When you have some old as well as likewise damaged lorries in the garage, you presume it is scrap material. Yet the lorry that supplied you for years can not be ineffective promptly. They might seem in a state in which they can not help you. Yet also the damaged automobiles can make a remedy by giving you the opportunity to make from selling the scrap items. By collaborating with professional solutions making use of vehicle eliminations, you can obtain a great price for the scrap lorries. The company will definitely uncouple the vehicle as well as likewise provide you cash in exchange. The option is practical when you have two cars and trucks and vehicles, in addition to you do not need the old one anymore. You will undoubtedly acquire the money despite the auto’s problem.

Free Dismantling Solution: The vital advantage of employing the auto wrecker is the complimentary removing of the car at your home. The business will concern your home, take care of the auto, and also take it away. It is a wonderful methods of reusing materials. Normally, some parts are in good condition, as well as the car removal can schedule reusing the products to make brand-new cars. The remarkable fact is that you do not need to pay a penny for the front door solution. Actually, it belongs of the work of these automobile wreckers. If you attempt to market the cars and also vehicle on your own, you needed to call a grease monkey or take the cars and trucks and also vehicle to the garage for repair solution. You should pay a substantial quantity for the removal treatment.

Safeguard against Contamination: Every vehicle has various fluid chemicals inside it, which are needed for the very best efficiency of the truck. Nevertheless it is likewise vital to throw away all these fluids firmly with complete care. These chemicals are incredibly unsafe, and additionally only the solutions for car removal in Frankston acknowledge the particular method for managing these materials. The poisonous substances contain fluids like brake fluid, antifreeze, power assisting liquid, battery acid, and also extra. Even the remaining oil also demands complete elimination. The car wreckers will certainly throw out every chemical securely creating no contamination. Or else, these chemicals will absolutely leakage right into the water and also dust around along with trigger conditions.

Getting earnings: The specialist car removals in suburb name will offer you cash in return for the damaged automobile. When you do not take advantage of a car, it continues to be as scrap in the garage as well as likewise is not of any type of sort of assistance. The last thing you can expect is to use the lorry in the most effective methods. It will definitely let you earn some spending money from marketing the truck to the auto wreckers.

Crushing of Housing: After the service technicians take apart the automobile along with take care of the parts that are virtually fine, an incredibly vital part of the work is to break short the situation of the automobile. Just an expert recognizes the most effective method for harming the covering and also melting it. Later, the molten stays will certainly experience recycling and additionally contribute to the production of a new auto. On hiring the professional car removal in Frankston , you do not require to worry about just how to eliminate the framework without contaminating the setup.

An Eco-Friendly Process: With environmental pollution degrees elevating day by day, everyone should recognize their obligation in the atmosphere’s conservation. The service providers for car removal in Frankston always reuse the parts of the vehicle like the vehicle battery, wheels. The catalytic converters and also tires additionally do not become part of the atmosphere as well as produce pollution. The reuse of scrap steel can save a minimum of 85 barrels of oil yearly.